Success Stories:


Numerous projects including Alberta, Libya and Nigeria. Main project was design build of an airport control tower in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Challenge was design and build unit to fit into sea containers: to construct control tower in Canada, disassemble and ship to Nigeria for re-assembly.

Control tower needed to conform with Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority requirements and ICAO.

Systems installed included:

  • Automated weather systems
  • VHF communications
  • HF communications
  • Satellite communications
  • GPS Clock Systems
  • Visual landing control systems
  • Airfield lighting control systems
  • Control Tower design
  • NDB

Rio Tinto

(Diavik Diamond Mine)

Development of an airfield in Canadian Arctic to provide a lifeline for employees, contractors and life supporting supply chain to and from facility. Gravel strip designed to handle Boeing 737 service.

Requirement was design of navigation systems for all aircraft using basic navigation systems to large ILS systems.

Challenge was capability of equipment to operate in harsh arctic conditions well above the northern treeline.

Projects included:

  • Two Localizer systems
  • DME systems
  • GPS systems including WAAS
  • Automated Weather Observation Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • NDB
  • Aircraft approach procedure design

Suncor Energy

(Firebag Airport)

Development of a private airport in the Alberta Oil Sands with designs to provide capacity for precision landing capabilities of Boeing 767 aircraft.

Requirement was development of navigation systems, weather systems, communications systems and airfield lighting systems.

ANS designed and implemented the structural, electrical and overall operations plans which are still used at Suncor today.

Equipment installed, maintained and monitored at SUNCOR:

  • High Intensity Runway lighting with MALSR, ODALS, and PAPI
  • Instrument Landing Systems
  • Non Directional Beacons
  • Ground to Air communications
  • Operations center design
  • Automated Weather Observation Systems
  • Aircraft approach procedure design for precision and GPS WAAS


(formerly INCO)

Development of an airfield and marine system in northern Labrador in Voisey’s Bay region.

Challenge was development of an airport within the mountains to allow for aircraft up to C130 Hercules. Airfield was to be gravel.

Project included design and build of airfield lighting, navigation systems and approach procedure design.

Marine system was locating and erecting eleven tower sites in the Labrador Sea region to be used for sector lights, range lights and fixed lights as part of the shipping lane navigation system. This was combined with the only private Marine Differential GPS system in the world to support the shipping activities.